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About us

NAVEL is a purely Czech family company with a long-established practice. Thanks to the unbeatable quality of our tools, a comprehensive offer of services, and our personal approach, we are a reliable partner for a number of both Czech and global companies in the field of automotive and aviation.

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Who are we?

We are a small family business, whose story began to be written in 1993. But we have come a long way since our establishment. We are not anymore just an ordinary DIY tool and a drill grinding shop. From a brand with a local scope, we have developed into a sought-after partner of the most prestigious brands. If you have a ŠKODA car parked in front of the house, it is possible that we also participated in its creation through our machine tools.

What we do?

Our responsibility for nature

Koloběh využití energie Navel

Resource reusability

We love smart technology. And because a large amount of waste heat is generated in production, which we created and further created and pulled with it not only the hall, but also the warehouse and sales. We have also invested in the construction of two photovoltaic power plants. They produce clean electricity for us from solar radiation, which we use directly for our needs or send on to the networks. Thanks to two 19kW batteries, you can save it for later.


We try to make the environment feel the impact of our production as little as possible. That is why we are constantly reducing the amount of waste. We sort the generated waste honestly. We also pay great attention to responsible and gentle handling of all materials. In addition, we offer residual material used, for example, in EDM machining to our customers for purchase and further use. We are also completely switching to CNG-powered cars. Thanks to our approach to ecology, the ISO - 14 001 environmental certificate is firmly rooted in the foundations of our company.