Refurbishment, grinding, and sharpening of tools

Even a dull or damaged cutting tool can get a second wind. At NAVEL, we offer both regular sharpening and grinding of machining tools, as well as their complete refurbishment. Just a small change in the tool geometry, and the tool no longer works properly.

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Refurbishment of tools

Do your milling cutters, drills, or shaping tools need a complete service? Our company performs grinding, cleaning, and coating of standard and special milling cutters and drills, reamers, and other NAVEL tools, as well as all carbide, HSS, and PCD tools for the engineering and woodworking industries.
Cannot find the accompanying documentation for your tools anymore? No problem. We do not need any documents for the refurbishment and coating of the tool. We will thoroughly measure your worn tools and then refocus their original geometry. You can also use our tool collection service.

Sharpening and grinding of tools

At NAVEL, we provide not only a complete refurbishment, but also regular sharpening and grinding of your milling and turning tools. We sharpen HSS tools and HM material and erode PKD tools. We mainly sharpen tools for metal production:
  • drills
  • milling cutters
  • PKD tools
  • special drills and milling cutters
  • reamers, tools for hollowing bits
  • taps and other tools
It does not matter whether you need to sharpen a NAVEL tool or a tool manufactured by someone else. Thanks to our top-notch machines, we always have our way. Before the refurbishment, we will measure the tools of other manufacturers with the WALTER HELICHECK non-contact optical CNC measurement machine. Then we return them to their original geometry and shape using one of our 5-axis WALTER CNC grinding machines. The correctly sharpened tools are rechecked with the state-of-the-art WALTER measurement machine. Thanks to our tool collection service, you do not even have to worry that the carrier may damage or even lose your tool on the way to us. We will come to pick up your tools in person and deliver them to you in 100% quality within 14 days.

Why to choose us

Top quality

You can rely on the quality of NAVEL tools. We are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that uses the most modern CNC grinding machine WALTER VISION 400L to manufacture customized tools.

Measurement protocols

What you pay for elsewhere is a matter of course for us. All NAVEL customized tools come together with a detailed measurement protocol.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee our tailor-made tools. We will not send you the invoice until you confirm that you are satisfied with the tool.

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