Tool coating

Your rotary tools can stay sharp for much longer, even if you use them daily. Coating is a simple, yet very effective protection of the tool against its rapid wear. Even a very thin coating layer can protect the tool from abrasive abrasion.

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Types of coatings

There are several types of coatings. Some are so durable that even hardened steel workpieces can be milled or drilled with them. Therefore, the specific conditions of the machining tool application should be taken into account when selecting the coating.
At NAVEL, we use the following coatings:

  • BIGGAN – AlCrBN coating – coating designed for a wide range of demanding cutting applications with requirements for high accuracy and quality of the machined surface
  • TRIPLE COATING Si coating TiN + AlTiN + layer with high silicon content – coating designed for machining of stainless steels with hardness over 60 HRC, machining of difficult-to-machine materials, dry machining or under intensive cutting conditions
  • TRIPLE COATING Cr coating TiN + AlTiN + CrAlSiN – coating designed for machining hardened materials, stainless steel, machining difficult-to-machine materials, and very demanding applications
  • ALWIN – CrAlSiN coating – coating designed for pressing, forming, milling, drilling
  • TICN MP – coating TiCN – coating designed for milling, thread cutting or cutting
  • MARWIN Si – TiAlSiN coating – universal coating with a wide range of applications suitable for milling, drilling, reaming
  • MARWIN G – TiAlN-AlTiN coating – universal coating with a wide range of applications suitable for milling, drilling, reaming
  • TETRABONDTM Plus – coating designed for milling and drilling of non-ferrous metals, plastics, and composites.

For more information, please see our coating catalog. Not sure which coating is best for you? Write us. We are also more than happy to advise you, should you need assistance on your choice.

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Top quality

You can rely on the quality of NAVEL tools. We are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that uses the most modern CNC grinding machine WALTER VISION 400L to manufacture customized tools.

Measurement protocols

What you pay for elsewhere is a matter of course for us. All NAVEL customized tools come together with a detailed measurement protocol.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee our tailor-made tools. We will not send you the invoice until you confirm that you are satisfied with the tool.

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