Production of tools from carbide, PCD, CBN, and HSS

Many people think that NAVEL is something like a large company for grinding used tools. But that is not true. We not only grind and refurbish professional drills, milling cutters, and solid reamers made of carbide, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) and high-speed steel (HSS) but above all, we manufacture them ourselves. Only with us, our custom-made tools also come together with a measuring protocol and a guarantee of satisfaction. Therefore, we will only send you the invoice if you are 100% satisfied with our product.

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Production of top custom-made rotary tools

For us, an individual approach is not just a hackneyed cliché that looks good on the website. We at NAVEL really rely on a personal approach to the customer and its needs. That is why our company does not offer a serial production, but also the production of custom-made machine tools.
Does your business need a unique machine tool, which is still not offered on the Czech market? Contact us. We not only manufacture standard machine tools but also easily design and manufacture any custom-made tool and also tune it directly on your production site.
The top quality of our products is not only ensured by our skilled employees but also the use of powerful, fully automated machines – the most modern CNC grinding machines and optical CNC measurement machines.

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Top quality

You can rely on the quality of NAVEL tools. We are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that uses the most modern CNC grinding machine WALTER VISION 400L to manufacture customized tools.

Measurement protocols

What you pay for elsewhere is a matter of course for us. All NAVEL customized tools come together with a detailed measurement protocol.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee our tailor-made tools. We will not send you the invoice until you confirm that you are satisfied with the tool.

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