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What can we offer students?

Experience from the modern environment of a family engineering company. And also, money. Are you a high school or university student and would like to get an internship in the field? Welcome on board! In NAVEL, we always keep our door open to talented beginners. We are aware that young people are usually not interested in technical fields. They are often subject to prejudice that it is dirty and hard work. But we will show you that this may not be true at all. NAVEL offers a part-time job during studies. Not only will you earn extra money with us, but you will also learn to work with top-notch technologies that you do not have a chance to come into contact with in a classic school workshop. You do not have to worry that your tasks will only consist of hand-operated grinding. After only a week, you will have a chance to work with our professional CNC grinding machine and our employees.

How do we cooperate with schools?

Again in several ways. Are you responsible for educating the next generation of engineers? Join the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, Secondary Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering in Velešín, Post-secondary Vocational School, Higher Technical College, and Automotive and Technical Secondary Industrial School in České Budějovice and start cooperating with us. In addition to merit scholarships for the best students, we offer schools and their students excursions to the production site, practice, or internships. We will help university students with the proposal for bachelor's thesis topics and, at the same time, also their supervision. Even adults will not come short. We are happy to introduce your teachers to modern CNC machining and tool manufacture as part of lifelong learning.

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Ing. Petr Zemene
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+420 605 299 860

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