Reconditioning of accumulator batteries

All batteries lose their original capacity over time until they eventually stop working completely. Do you want your favorite tool or another accumulator device not to become an environmental waste just because its accumulator ran out of juice? We completely understand you. We care about the impact our work has on the environment. That is why we also offer our customers refurbishment or reconditioning of accumulator batteries.

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Battery-operated tool refurbishment and accumulator batteries reconditioning

At NAVEL, we not only refurbish machine tools, but we also recondition accumulators for various battery-operated tools, emergency lighting, remote crane controls, welding filters, or back-up systems. We use only batteries from renowned manufacturers. In devices with high torque and continuous power output, such as impact drills, torque wrenches, grinders, or medical and military devices and special battery packs, we also recondition Ni-Cd cells. For devices for which we require high capacity and maximum endurance, we recondition the Ni-Mh batteries. We mostly refurnish low cells in tool brands, such as Dewalt, Würth, Bosch, Kress, Metaboo, Festool.
We also carry out reconditions of 1.2 Ah – 3.0 Ah Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh batteries and also 24V cells for Bosch / Hilti electro-pneumatic hammers. In Narex, Protool, Makita, Festo, Metaboo, Bosch, Kress, AEG, and others, we also change all Li-ion accumulators. We replace obsolete cells with original Samsung, LG, or Sony accumulators. It is no secret that refurbished cells are often more potent than the original models.
Are you wondering whether we have an accumulator for your device? Write us and let us see how we can help you.
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