PCD, CBN and diamond milling cutters

PCD and CBN milling cutters are very durable tools designed for hard machining materials. While PCD tools are made of polycrystalline diamond and are mainly used for machining non-ferrous materials, CBN tools made of hexagonal boron nitride can also be used for materials containing iron and gray or cast iron. We know that a quality tool cannot be made of low-quality material. Therefore, we use only high-quality semi-manufactured products for the production of tools.

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PCD, CBN and diamond milling cutters

We offer all types of PCD end mils designed for efficient machining with high material consumption, high feeds, and machining at high speeds. Our standard polycrystalline diamond tools include PCD double-edged milling cutters with straight and spherical slots of various sizes. We also offer sales and refurbishment of tools with PCD inserts of various clearance angles, cutting edge length, or thickness.
PCD end mill tools can be used for machining:

  • Non-ferrous metals (copper and aluminum alloys, gold, magnesium, etc.)
  • Mineral and ceramic materials
  • Carbon fiber materials
  • Plastics, rubbers
  • Composite materials
  • Wooden materials
  • Sintered hard metals

To make sure that you use your PCDtool correctly, we also provide the recommended cutting conditions for each tool.

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Top quality

You can rely on the quality of NAVEL tools. We are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that uses the most modern CNC grinding machine WALTER VISION 400L to manufacture customized tools.

Measurement protocols

What you pay for elsewhere is a matter of course for us. All NAVEL customized tools come together with a detailed measurement protocol.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee our tailor-made tools. We will not send you the invoice until you confirm that you are satisfied with the tool.

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