Laser engraving, laser marking

One of our additional services is laser engraving, marking, or inscription. Thanks to this technique, we can easily provide not only your new rotary tools but also various advertising items with a logo or engraving.

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Laser engraving

Laser inscription is a special method of inscribing objects with a laser. The main advantages of laser engraving are accuracy, inscription speed, and also indelible effect. At NAVEL, we work with the COBALT LT laser. This allows us to mark even round surfaces. Thus, we do not have any issue with providing an inscription, EAN code, or logo on any difficult area. For example, your rotary tools. In addition, our inscriptions are not deep at all; thus we can engrave materials of any thickness. On request, we will be happy to put an inscription on various labels, promotional materials, jewelry, or favorite jeans.
Want a logo on your new tools? Or are you planning a wedding and want to have your names on your rings or the date you said YES to each other?
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Top quality

You can rely on the quality of NAVEL tools. We are one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that uses the most modern CNC grinding machine WALTER VISION 400L to manufacture customized tools.

Measurement protocols

What you pay for elsewhere is a matter of course for us. All NAVEL customized tools come together with a detailed measurement protocol.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee our tailor-made tools. We will not send you the invoice until you confirm that you are satisfied with the tool.

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